Taylor Marie

On July 25th, a little dog was found severely injured on the side of a busy street. The back half of her body was completely paralyzed from the trauma she endured. Whether she was hit by a car or discarded from a vehicle, we will likely never know. She was brought to the county shelter where she sat for three days. She spent three days in her kennel where she rapidly declined.

That evening we found out about Taylor and immediately pulled her from the county shelter. She was hospitalized for almost a week before we had full answers. She underwent multiple surgeries & spinal taps and was treated for an awful infection.

Taylor Marie suffers from an ultimately terminal condition called GME. She can live a healthy and pain free life with weekly treatments that consist of cold laser therapy and acupuncture.

We need your help for her to continue these treatments while she spends the coming year experiencing a life full of love and adventure in her time left on earth.

Taylors Wishlist